This website’s featured article has garnered both positive and negative feedback, and understandably so! Its subject matter is an unpopular, or perhaps widely thought but less spoken, opinion to hold. A young woman recently contacted me to discuss the article, and not surprisingly, because women tend to be more ‘liberal’ than racially conscious, she disagreed with the content. A debate then ensued and she used the line of reasoning that politicians are “racist for the money”. This article’s topic will revolve around racial wellbeing and socio-economic cultural domination. …

A bang at the door

The bolt on the floor

Jimmy on through

Oh, excuse you!

Left the door bowed

In our humble abode

A knife in my drawer

Unprepared no more

A creak on the stairs

Tread into our affairs

Peer through the gap

Your plan has a trap

A shout to alarm

Please do us no harm

You flee to your mate

With our home in a state

Violation and anger

At the uninvited stranger

Alas, the repairs will begin

To forge a castle within

The cars fly by

A loud plane in the sky

Nightmares for days

We find ourselves haplessly ravaging among ourselves through the logical conclusion of a society without healthy, cathartic displays of rage and anger. Rage and anger are helpful emotions that lead to an emotional release, otherwise known as catharsis. School shootings and terrorism, in my view, are attempts at catharsis but are needless and destructive wastes of energy better suited for constructive ends. They are so present partly because society has ceased to be dangerous; they then unfortunately plague our news headlines.

As proportionally technical and complex our society has grown, there hasn’t been an equal measure of healthy releases of…

Sports entertainment began in the United States as a wholesome family values spectacle that had branched off from circus wrestling acts. Thanks to the ruthless business acumen of Vince McMahon, sports entertainment and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ballooned in popularity during the mid-to-late 90s and became a staple of new American culture. This ballooning was due to McMahon’s recognition of a changing American culture from a wholesome Brady Bunch image that was the norm for Baby Boomers to what would become Generation X’s mark on the world. The political framework of the Baby Boomer’s upbringing was a sensible and moral…

Self-improvement can sometimes be looked down upon as a pretentious fad by people who don’t quite understand the mindset. Wanting to constantly improve and be the best version you can be is a normal urge. But with an epidemic of obesity spreading all around the world, there is a real need for such a positive and healthy trend like this. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic so far, I have dabbled in many different forms of self-improvement. I have found great results from each of these habits and will expand on them in this article.

Meditation is a great tool for slowing…

The ‘Hindu’ Dharmic tradition tells us that we are spirit souls passing through material bodies eternally if we do not liberate ourselves from this life and death cycle. Moksha, this liberation process, allows us to live eternally in the spiritual world. It is, or should be, our goal to achieve immortality in this spiritual sense, to ascend past the eternal cycle of incarnation and living in eternal bliss at home in the heavens. Due to my imperfect knowledge on this subject, this article will be more of a brainstorm, rather than an exposition.

Reincarnation is one of the most misunderstood…

The television seems to have slowly crept its way into our social and home lives over the course of many decades, but is its universal presence necessary? What are the downsides of having a television? Initially, the introduction of TVs into important rooms of the house was an innocent idea, but the grip it holds over us may be more than promised. We will explore this topic in this article.

We must first ask ourselves where TVs are commonly placed throughout the house because this indicates what kind of power we allow them to have. Most commonly a household will…

Guilt complexes and similar disturbances are unfortunately becoming more common with time. White-positivity means shunning this race-based guilt complex and viewing White people, culture and history in a true and positive light. White guilt is a thought-less process of conformity because the idea of being pro-White in a sick society only presents negative social mobility. Guilt is a universal condition with roots in many key societal institutions which bleed into public life and thought. Cultural movements that are suggestively anti-White are the current manifestation of such a degrading mode of operation. …

Wow, I never thought the day would come when my website would hit 10,000 views! I started this website on a whim just before I began my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Professional Writing at UniSA. So as a thank you to my readers new and old, I thought I would make a list of my favourite and most well-written articles (in my opinion) for my future readers, to make navigating through my work that bit easier. Writing is what I enjoy doing the most with my time (besides playing COD Modern Warfare 2). …

As deep as the roots of a people’s culture and history diverge and drive their way into the Earth generation after generation, so too does the lyricism of the shanty. Shanties emulate this process and makes history palpable and, thanks to modern technology, available to the listener. Folk music is full of sorrow, joy and the thrills of adventure, commonly in the context of sailing off to distant lands. Folk music penetrates our soul and helps us understand the struggles and triumphs of our forefathers.

Strangely enough, it was thanks to various musicians on TikTok that sea shanties have become…

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